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Andy Rogers

Blog Writing Coach & Content Writer

Andy loves to create fresh, vibrant writing that sets the right tone for an audience and makes them wonder what's coming next. His strength is being able to hear where his client is coming from and what they want to say, producing copy that feels authentic to both them and their audience.

His training includes several years writing for the national English test company in Japan. There, he learned how much the detail matters, because a single word can cause a great difference in perception.

Andy also trained with renowned marketing coach Mark Silver, of the Heart of Business, where he learned, among other things, that writing in an authentic way is the key to reaching an audience.

Originally from England, Andy worked as an accountant before leaving to experience more of the world. He traveled Australia for a year, then moved to Tokyo where he taught English to business people for ten years. In 2012 he moved to Canada, where he was treasurer and is now head copywriter for a non profit organization.

Most recently, he teamed up with Jim at CoWork Marketing. They collaborate to delve into a clients business and produce quality websites.

As a coach, Andy is passionate about helping others grow their confidence in writing. He enjoys coaching people to write with simple clarity in their own authentic voice.

What he loves about writing is that it gives us more time to think over what we want to say, and how we want to say it. Andy's delighted to be making a living in this area, in a way that lets him engage with others as well as exercise his passion for clarity and authentic expression.

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