Get Leads and Reach More Customers, Faster.

Once you’re happy with your website, what’s next? We’re assuming you want the right people to find it, then take action. And while organic online marketing solutions - like Social Media and Search Engine Optimization - are an essential part of your ongoing strategy, it will take time to grow your relationships and site rankings.

That’s why any integrated marketing plan should include paid advertising in the early stages - if you want to see immediate results.

Paid advertising such as pay per click (PPC) Google Adwords will start generating leads immediately.

Why Google Adwords?

Google has over 75% of the global search market, so it’s an obvious place to run your PPC campaign. Your Google Adwords campaigns can be structured to target very precise audiences and optimized for mobile viewing. You can create text ads (what you see when you do a search), display ads (banners), or even use video. As well as appearing in the search page, your ads can also appear on relevant websites that serve your audience - increasing your brand awareness and generating sales and new customers. And you only pay when someone clicks!